Archer Chair Belittles Josephson Lawsuit

Just days before the board sent in their lawyers to seek a gag order against the Josephsons on the grounds that any further publication of information about this lawsuit would do irreparable harm to the institution, Barbara Bruser, do-chair of the board (and presumably with the approval of the entire board) wrote this letter indicating that the “Board of Trustees stands firmly and unequivocally behind Ms. English, who has our complete and unwavering support.”

The letter was sent to all Archer families expanding by more than ten fold the number of Archer parents contacted by the Josephsons to tell them about the website as a source of complete and current information on the lawsuit. According to the arguments of the board’s lawyer this was a case of massive self-inflicted irreparable harm. Here is the letter in full:

Archer- Bruser letter


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