4/26/15  (Note from Michael Josephson). We can’t be specific, but we are very, very happy with our complete victory. Though we didn’t achieve all of our goals (judicial precedent-setting rulings on the conduct of Archer School for Girls head of school, Elizabeth English, and the Archer Board, the legal oversight obligations of the Board or the propriety and enforceability of Archer’s overreaching arbitration clause) we successfully fought off a no holds-barred, money-is-not object (Archer spent more than $300,000) effort to intimidate us into silence. Archer’s lawyers used every gambit and dirty trick they could to prevent us from any public or private discussion of our grievances and criticisms of their enrollment contract including a demand that we take down this website.

Archer lawyers will probably drag us back in court if we talk specifically about the the final ruling(they will lose again but they don’t seem to care so long as they can inflict more costs on us), but you can draw whatever inference you want from the fact that we are very, very satisfied with the outcome.

Archer lawyers are obsessive about concealing all the legal documents filled with failed frivolous claims and contentions.

As long as the Archer School for Girls is held captive by irresponsible leadership we will continue to provide news, opinion and a forum for parents and students concerning important ethical issues at Archer and other schools.

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  1. I know you are doing the right thing and this was all for a good reason. Thank you for standing up, when most either are unable to or simply won’t.

    1. I agree private school’s accountability is long overdue.
      Thank you for your unwavering devotion to a noble & much needed cause.

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