Archer Surrenders to Additional Demands of Brentwood Neighbors and Councilman Bonin to Gain Approval of a Limited Expansion Project

When construction will begin (given fund-raising shortfalls) and parent concerns re: impact on social and educational experience of students remain unanswered.

(see Secrets and Lies: What Archer is Not Telling Parents below; Archer has not updated its Archer Forward site since April, 2015)) 

Here’s what Archer got approval for after expending nearly $10 million dollars:

From the website: ow you appreciate their advocacy on our behalf and on

At the June 30 PLUM Hearing, Brentwood Homeowners Association (BHA) and the Residential Neighbors of Archer came to an agreement with The Archer School for Girls regarding its proposed project. Working down to the final minutes in Councilmember Bonin’s office, the three parties were able to hammer out the details of a covenant that will remain in place for 20 years with conditions that will protect the neighborhood and allow Archer to successfully operate its school. The compromise reached will result in a Project that is 25,000 square feet less than originally proposed.  In addition, the following reductions have been made to the Project:
                                                        Compromise               Original Proposal

Parking Spaces                                      164                                          212
Athletic Competitions                               98                                          149
Special Events                                         65                                           98
Years of Construction                               3                                             6
Saturday Use of Campus                      Limited                                Unlimited
Busing                                                     76%                                        70%
The Agreement
Under the terms of the covenant, Archer has agreed to the following additional conditions proposed by Councilmember Bonin, Brentwood Homeowners Association and Residential Neighbors of Archer:
  • North Garden limited to passive use with no classroom instruction or events; addition of sound reduction features in the design of the North Garden to reduce noise
  • No Special Events shall be held outdoors on either Saturday or Sunday or after 6:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Use of an underground passageway from the underground parking garage to the school buildings after 6pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday with an exception for arrivals for Special Event performances

  • 65 Special Events per academic year, six additional events that must have no more than 80 guests and can occur in the Main Building only
  • No athletic tournaments shall be held on campus
  • Athletic competitions shall occur only Monday – Friday and Special Events/Athletic Competitions may not happen concurrently
  • 98 days of Athletic Competitions with 40 days of Competitions on the Athletic Field
  • No use of the Athletic Field on Saturdays or Sundays for competitions, practices or other School uses
  • No use of the Athletic Field for extracurricular activities during the fall season
  • Limited use of the campus on Saturdays for no more than 50 people between 10am and 4pm, with an exception of 8 Saturdays when 100 people may use the campus; all activity must be indoors and accessed via the underground passageway
Traffic and Parking
  • Weekday peak hour trip caps between 3pm and 7pm as well as an annual trip cap for 6pm-7pm weekday arrivals of 3,145 enforced through a parking reservation system that will be audited twice a year for compliance
  • 164 parking spaces with limits on stacked parking
  • Robust transportation and parking management plan that includes traffic counts, egress plans, and the use of   neighborhood monitors to prevent cars parking or cutting through the surrounding residential streets
  • No vehicular access to/from the Archer campus via the Barrington parcel
  • Three year construction schedule
  • Exterior window cleaning of residences within a 500-foot radius
  • Truck staging exclusively on the Archer campus and not the residential streets
  • Implementation of a worksite traffic control plan
(Note: The conditions governing construction in the Environmental Conditions of the CPC Determination Letter remain and include conditions to address dust control, noise mitigation, construction hours and traffic management.)

In return, the Brentwood Homeowners Association and the Residential Neighbors of Archer support the following:
  • A site plan that includes a reduced Performing Arts Center with 350 fixed seats and an overall size of approximately 17,700 square feet
  • A six-week Summer Enrichment Program for admitted students that will provide students with additional assistance to meet the School’s academic standards
  • Targeted enrollment of 500 with a maximum of 518 students
  • 76% busing of all enrolled students
  • Construction parking plan that utilizes off-and on-site parking that includes restrictions on number of vehicles permitted to park on campus, implementation of an egress plan that staggers departures during peak hours of 3pm to 6pm, and complies with the peak hour trip caps

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