Child 1 Responds to betrayal of trust by Elizabeth English

Declaration filed August 14, 2014 from C. Josephson (referred to in the complaint as Child 1)


I, C. Josephson, declare as follows:

1. I am one of the Plaintiffs in this action. I have personal knowledge of the facts set  forth herein, and if called as a witness, I could and would competently testify to the matters stated

2.  I understand that Archer’s lawyers have used a letter I recently wrote to Ms. English to support a claim that I do not support our lawsuit against Archer, Elizabeth English, the head of school at Archer, and the Archer Board of Trustees and that they asked the court to appoint someone to represent my interests because they say I disagree with my parents.

3. This is false. I fully support this lawsuit and the efforts of both my mother and father to cause changes in Archer’s policies so that what happened to us does not happen again to another Archer student and her family in the future. I do not believe that my interests conflict with my father or that the Court needs to appoint a guardian to represent me in place of my father or mother.

4. Though it saddens me that I and my family are in a legal fight with the school I went to since 6th grade, I do not disagree with anything my mother Anne or father Michael have said or done to try to hold the school and Ms. English responsible for the harm they caused me and my sister.

5.  I believe I was greatly damaged by decisions made by Ms. English. I was, and continue to be, deeply distressed and upset over the events that led to my not being permitted to complete my education at Archer, take part in senior activities, participate in the dance show I worked almost a year to help produce, say good-bye to my teachers and friends, participate in graduation ceremonies and receive an Archer diploma and attend the ceremonies as a guest of my best friend to observe her graduation.

6. I did write a personal letter sent by e-mail to Defendant Elizabeth English, on graduation day.  When I wrote the letter I was extremely upset that I was not with all my friends wearing the traditional white dress and flowered head band that is part of the graduation ceremonies. I had seen two of my sisters and many friends participate in this moving ceremony and I had been looking forward to my chance to sit on the stage with my classmates and teachers as an Archer grad.  I was heartsick that this experience was taken away from me. These feelings were made even worse when I learned the day before the ceremony that the school banned me from attending the graduation ceremonies and be there on this important day for my closest friends.

7. My parents have taught me to always try to be the bigger person and to not let bad experiences completely destroy good ones. They also taught me to feel and express gratitude for the good things in my life. This is what I had in mind when I wrote my letter to Ms English because I loved my time at Archer and there were times when she was supportive of me. I also valued my friendship with her daughter, Sage, a fellow student at Archer.

8. In writing the letter I tried to be respectful and generous knowing the lawsuit was a separate matter which was proceeding at its own pace.  If anything I said in that letter led anyone to believe I think that any of Ms. English’s actions relating to me and my sister were well intended or proper I want to correct that impression. What Ms. English did was, in my opinion, wrong and inexcusable.

9. I hoped that Ms. English might answer my note in the same spirit in which mine was written. I never imagined she would try to use it to drive a wedge between me and my parents. I feel betrayed and hurt and I think it is disgraceful that she is trying to use my letter to her advantage in our lawsuit against her and the school.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true

Executed August 14, 2014, at Los Angeles, California.


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