Original Complaint

Following is a link to both a Word version of the Complaint and the PDF of the actually filed Conformed complaint: 1st Amended Complaint lodged August 18, 2014

Conformed Complaint (PDF File)

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  1. Are you sure that pursuing this kind of public campaign is in the long term best interests of your children? It smacks of attention seeking rather than solution seeking. I fear that this will inflict more emotional harm upon your daughters than the alleged misconduct of the school. There must be a better way.

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      An understandable reaction and certainly one that Anne and i gave great thought to. If you can take the time to read the posts under our Settlement Efforts (especially the memo in support of our motion to settle) I think you will see that we tried every way we could to: 1) protect our children from what we thought was dictatorial oppression and a malicious and vindictive use of power. Still we faced two bad choices – either shut up and take it or fight and hold accountable a person who hurt our children callously and seriously. I believe (hope) our children (who fully support this action) will learn the lesson of standing up against injustice, not letting others take advantage of them and demonstrating true character – the willingness ot do the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay. Ms. English and the board had many opportunities to avoid this confrontation. We have already heard from several families and employees who confirm that the conduct we complained of has injured many other people. We fight not just to vindicate our daughters but to everyone else who has or might in the future be bullied or intimidated. The idea that this is attention seeking is far off the mark. No one wants or needs this sort of attention. The mere fact that you have drawn negative assumptions about my motives and judgment confirms that my father’s choice to stand up for my kids will cost me dearly.

  2. You are showing your children that you love and protect them. That is such an important thing for your young girls to know. Of course we all understand that litigation is an imperfect tool, but it beats walking away from injustice under circumstances that would leave people thinking you–and your girls–were at fault. I hope you are able to resolve this dispute quickly, perhaps with the help of a good mediator. Good luck.

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