Vindictive Elizabeth English Humiliates Innocent Child Again

(While Mr. Josephson devoted the entire weekend working with C1’s  therapist to present evidence as to why the option of the public hearing would cause long-term emotional harm and develop a range of options  to impose more appropriate and less damaging disciplinary options, Ms. English was preparing another trap allowing her to inflict additional, unnecessary humiliation on C1 and demonstrate her power.)

Vindictive Elizabeth English Humiliates C1 Again

When C1 appeared for classes, she was surprised and humiliated to be publicly summoned to Ms. Warner’s office and ordered to go home. C1 was upset and confused and asked Ms. Warner to please call her father.  Ms. Warner refused .

C1 had been out of school for nearly a week and her parents and her therapist thought she needed to get back to school. C1 agreed. Believing that the issue of Ms. English’s premature and peremptory suspension would be held in abeyance until his meeting (scheduled for 11:00 am Monday morning) with Ms. English, Mr. Josephson supported the decision that C1 should go to school.Archer - Maya Angelou quote

Unfortunately, Ms. English, however had one more poke in the eye planned. Ms. English knew from Ms. Coyne that Mr. Josephson took strong issue with the suspension edict and intended to raise the issue during his meeting. She never once during their many pre-meeting exchanges raised the issue of C1’s attendance at school but she apparently anticipated that Mr. Josephson might send her to school and she instructed Ms. Warner to be on the look out. If C1 did come to school she must be sent home.

So, when C1 appeared for classes, she was surprised and humiliated to be publicly summoned to Ms. Warner’s office where she was told she was not allowed at school and that she must go home. C1 was upset and confused and asked Ms. Warner to please call her father. In what we contend was an incredible display of callousness and irresponsibility Ms. Warner refused and told C1 she would have to tell her father.

C1 was deeply upset about being ousted from her school in front of her friends and she called Mr. Josephson gasping in tears to tell him what happened. He immediately placed calls to Ms. Warner, Ms. Coyne and Ms. English, leaving the message that it was urgent and requesting a return call. He received no response and instructed his crying daughter to go home as ordered.

This is a significant event and will be heavily emphasized in our argument for punitive damages. It is clear Ms. English had no regard for the well-being of C1 (previously a good friend of her own daughter) and was willing to inflict more pain on her rather than seek more moderate and more effective ways of handling the situation.

Even if Ms. English thought Mr. Josephson was deliberately flouting her suspension edict (which emphatically was not the case), her willingness to subject an innocent teen-ager to such humiliation rather than deal with the matter with Mr. Josephson is positive proof of her malice, her intent to inflict emotional distress on a child just to make a point and her bad faith use of her discretion.

Still believing the meeting with Ms. English might be productive and knowing it was important not to be provoked into anger, Mr. Josephson sent this calm email at 9:23 AM:

Hi Elizabeth,

I am perplexed and concerned. Could you please call me asap to tell me your agenda and goals for our meeting today? Are you open to exempting C1 from the student hearing if a professional says it would be damaging to her to do so.

I would also appreciate if during the meeting you could explain your view as to C1’s current status? I understand she was sent home because she has been suspended. Please help me understand what this means, the basis of the suspension and what she has to do to get back to school. Please call me at ____________ if you possibly can.

Either way I look forward to our meeting where I will present you with a letter from Dr. Esparce and other new information I know will be relevant to your decision. I’m still hopeful we can reach a collaborative agreement on this.


Ms. English did not respond and neither Ms. Coyne nor Ms. Warner returned his calls.

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