Conflicting Claims – Decide for Yourself

Though there is a wide gap in the perspectives and contentions of the Josephsons and Archer, everything you need to make an informed fair decision is available on this website. This is so because of the extraordinary and unusual fact that every major fact and interaction pertinent to this dispute is in writing and included. Please read the documents included in the original complaint and the memo supporting the Josephsons’ first offer to settle (See Josephson vs. Archer/Pleadings tab) .

If Elizabeth English is right, the Josephson family made unreasonable demands in a disrespectful or improper manner attempting to prevent the school from administering normal and proper disciplinary measures against one of their daughters. Thus, in effectively expelling a second semester senior for an indisputably minor infraction, refusing to allow another Josephson daughter to complete her education at Archer because her father challenged Ms. English’s decision, and permanently banned all Josephsons, including two alumni and the younger two daughters from attending any functions on campus, Ms. English, with the full support of the Board of Trustees, were simply vindicating the schools policies. In fact, their offenses against the school were so egregious that it was a proper and prudent to subject the school and the entire Archer community to costly (reportedly $200,000 -$300,000) reputation-damaging litigation.

On the other hand, if the Josephsons are right, beneath a thin veneer of civility and charm, Elizabeth English, unfairly, unprofessionally and illegally inflicted enormous pain and other damage on the Josephson family. If they are right, her motives had nothing to do with proper school administration and student discipline concerns but an obsessive and, perhaps, narcissistic need to demonstrate her importance and authority and intimidate any parent, student, or teacher who might dare to give her anything but complete support. If the Josephsons are right, every Archer parent has reason to be concerned they and their children might be subjected to arbitrary, capricious and vindictive actions if they are anything but fully compliant with every wish and whim of an administrator who acknowledges no limits or standards in her exercise of power.

Massive legal maneuvers of Archer’s army of lawyers has guaranteed that there will be no formal, objective resolution of the dispute. (The Josephsons refuse to pursue their grievances in an expensive arbitration proceeding narrowly confined by the enrollment contract to prevent and public discussion of the issues and disclosure of the outcome).

This leaves current and future Archer parents with two choices: 1) ignore or discount the Josephsons’ allegations concerning the character, competence and conduct of Ms. English and the Archer Board since they have not been proven, or 2) take some time (an hour or so)  to review the documentation provided in light of the credibility and motives attributable both to the Josephsons and Elizabeth English. Since you’ve read this far, the Josephsons hope you will spend a little more time to form your own opinion.

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