Defendants Failed Motion to Gag Josephsons

June 26, 2014: Judge Rejects Archer’s Attempt to Close Down this Website and Prohibit Josephsons from Talking or Writing about Their Dispute with Ms. Archer and the Board. In an effort that had to cost the school many thousands of dollars, Archer sent two lawyers to court with about a 50 page document supporting their request for a comprehensive gag order on the Josephsons.

Defendants claimed they were being irreparably damaged by the Josephsons efforts to inform people about their case and their allegations. The judge listened to their request (in about 2 minutes) and without reading a word of the document summarily rejected Defendants request and set a hearing date of August 26, 2014 on their motion to force the case into a confidential, juryless arbitration process.  In all, a colossal waste of time and money. See new posting on the homepage below – “Why Doesn’t Ms. English Put Archer’s Interests first and Resign?”). Click below to see complete motion and supporting brief.  

Archer – Ds Gag order Motion

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  1. The motion for the gag order was a pointless endeavor, but why are the Josephsons ignoring the fact they waived their right to a jury when they enrolled their children at Archer?

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      Because we think the allegations including defamation and malicious infliction of emotional distress (including our two daughters who graduated years ago who were banned from visits and alumni events without justification) are not covered because they do not relate to the contract (i.e., they are not arbitrable) and, in any event the uniform use of these clauses by all private schools which limits remedies and discovery and add costs –e.g., arbitrators generally charge more than $1000 per hour we were told). That’s what the court will determine on August 26. Thanks for asking. – Michael Josephson

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