Josephson 1st Letter to Archer Community

This letter was sent to about two dozen designated parent leaders plus the Archer faculty about launch of website

To the Archer Community

As an active parent in the Archer Community you may have heard that, after arduous and extensive attempts to resolve our grievances, Anne and Michael Josephson and two of our daughters recently filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth English, the Board of Trustees and Archer School for Girls.

We did so very reluctantly as we have been long-time patriots of the school since 2005 and Anne was until recently a member of the Board.

I will not encumber you with unwanted detail but our reputations and Archer relationships are very important to us and we know there already has been and will be more misinformation communicated about the suit and our motives.

I write to call your attention to a website we established to give folks who want to know the true story access to a summary of our efforts to resolve the matter without litigation, the conduct that gave rise to this action, the legal documents and supporting evidence.

We will update the site as needed to assure that you have access to information will allow you to form an independent opinion on the nature and propriety of our actions as well as the actions of Ms. English, the Board and Archer’s lawyers.

To assure fairness, we have pledged to post, unedited, comments or information that Ms. English, ARCHER, the Board and their lawyers wish to post if they think anything we posted is inaccurate or incomplete.

I don’t anticipate communicating in this manner often but if you would like to be removed from the distribution list please just respond to this email with the word remove.

Please read the basic facts posted on the website and keep an open mind.


Michael Josephson

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