What’s worse than litigation?

The only thing worse than litigation (besides trial by combat) is not having any way to protect those you love, to defend yourself from unfair accusations and to have no way at all to hold wrongdoers accountable. IT MAY NOT BE LIKE A DAY AT THE BEACH BUT THERE ARE TIMES YOU NEED YOUR DAY IN COURT!Litigation - day in court 3

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  1. Both sides should have taken a more balanced approach and while CJ and AJ seem to be a bit more reasonable, they could have, and should have prevented this from exploding.
    I predict no one will be satisfied with the legal outcome. Except for the lawyer’s pocketbooks.

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      I torment myself with the thought you uttered – this could have been avoided. If you have a chance please read the summary of facts and the sequence of events and give me your opinion on where Anne or I could have derailed this controversy without sacrificing our core values or abandoning our children. I’m not saying it wasn’t there, I’m saying I didn’t see it and still can’t find it.

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