Opposition to the Archer Expansion Plan


Opposition to the Archer Expansion Plan

Do not be fooled. The Archer Forward modified plan seeks enormous INCREASES that will greatly impact our community:

  • 78% increase in the physical footprint
  • 130% increase in parked cars on campus
  • 83% increase in special events held on campus
  • 280% increase in athletic events held on campus; Increase in hours of operation (school every Saturday)
  • 15% increase in enrolled students
  • Increase in traffic from FIVE YEARS of construction.


All of the changes Archer made to its project ALREADY EXIST in the current conditional use permit, items such as no lights on the field and no outside use of the facilities.

Giving up something to which you have no right is not a compromise.

In fact, Archer’s Modified plan requests INCREASES in every category and changes the way Archer operates in our neighborhood. 

Archer has not compromised and has not offered any concessions. It is the neighbors who have compromised and have offered concessions over the current Conditional Use Permit.  

Further opposition to the Archer Expansion plan is stated at From http://www.archerneighbors.com/Critical-Issues.html

Opposition to the Archer Expansion Plan

Archer Forward modified plan would dramatically change the way Archer operates in Brentwood by doing the following:

  • Doubling the number of special events allowed in its current Conditional Use Permit, which would bring 21,000 visitors to the campus during the school year;
  • Increasing the number of athletic events held on campus from 39 to 149;
  • Adding 30 more days of use with a summer school program for 350 students;
  • Increasing the number of visitors coming into an already congested area from the current 86 events/11,000 visitors to  approximately 235 events and 29,000 visitors;
  • Moving the majority of the athletic activities onto campus, thus increasing the number of games and visitors coming into our area during peak traffic periods (3:30pm to 7:00pm);
  • Constructing an 85,500 square foot underground parking garage to hold, at capacity, 251 cars, from its current 109 parking spaces;
  • Building its project in three phases of construction that will last over five years with large trucks entering and exiting onto Sunset and smaller residential streets from 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8:00am to 6:00pm;
  • Extending the school’s operational hours to include every Saturday from 7:00am to 6:00pm, which is currently not allowed;
  • Hosting extracurricular activities everyday until 10:00pm, requiring cars to enter and exit the campus onto Sunset Boulevard during peak hours;
  • Building two gyms instead of one, setting a precedent for other private schools in the Brentwood Community Plan area;
  • Doubling the size of the campus by adding 66,000 additional square feet;
  • Constructing four large scale buildings that could be used at the same time after school 3:30pm to 10:00pm – a 39,330 sq ft Multi-Purpose Facility that would include two gyms plus a stage and seating for 830 –a 7,400 sq ft Visual Arts Center, – a 19,025 sq ft Performing Arts Center with 395 seats
  • Expanding the boundaries of the school to place large scale institutional buildings right next to residential houses;
  • Increasing the number of enrolled girls from the targeted 450 to 518;
  • Eliminating substantially all of the critical protections painstakingly negotiated in the school’s original Conditional Use Permit (e.g. hours of operation, limited weekend use, setback of proposed gym) without which Archer would never have received approval to operate in a quiet residential neighborhood.


The attorney for the Residential Neighbors of Archer submitted a comment letter on behalf of the Neighbors, which included four expert reports on traffic, construction, noise, and lights.​

The experts’ analysis concludes that Archer’s DEIR fails to recognize or mitigate the significant impacts associated with the project and that it does not adequately analyze alternatives to the proposed project.
  • The extensive development proposed in a residential community is not consistent with applicable land use policies nor compatible with the neighborhood. (read the noise expert’s report)

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