Refusal to meet or negotiate

The Josephsons civil action against Elizabeth English and the Archer Board of Trustees was filed on May 28, 2014. As you consider the expense and reputational damage caused by this action, you should know that  Ms. English and the Board have not only rejected outright, without any effort to negotiate or discuss, multiple efforts to settle they have never at any time discussed or negotiated the case with any of the Josephsons or their lawyers. There have been no meetings. Even in the one mediation effort initiated by the Josephsons, Archer insisted that there be no face-to-face communication. Thus, NO ONE REPRESENTING ARCHER HAS MADE ANY EFFORT TO UNDERSTAND THE JOSEPHSONS’ GRIEVANCES OR MOTIVATIONS, NO ONE! This No one on the board has ever met or discussed his family’s concerns with Michael Josephson. is unprecedented in litigation like this.

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